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A certain woman in her middle 40's
Has a child (to use as a weapon)
No friends
Sandra LaRoque is such a hosebag!!!!!
by On the receiving end May 15, 2009
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An extremely trashy woman. Generally described by each of the following:
Chain Smoker
Dresses like a skank
Addicted to crack
Look! It's a drunken hosebag!
by Scott April 03, 2003
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a trashy woman,usually stupid and the object of a one-night stand.
I went clubbing and picked up this hosebag.
by hankerino September 30, 2003
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a common slutty woman who usually hits on guys in bars so she can drink for free.
barkeep get one for me and put the hosebags round on my tab.
by freedav04 June 05, 2005
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a bag for putting your hose in

a vagina

a big slutty whore
A hosebag used to be reserved for the rare slut but now it covers a vast amount of todays women.
by dr teeth December 09, 2003
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In the late '70s - early '80s, dancers (go-go, strippers) in Norfolk, VA were required by law to wear pantyhose. They got the cheap ones from 7-11 that came in the little pouch. Instead of throwing away the empty pouch, they would put their pot in it, and if a cop searched their purse and found the pouch it felt about the same as if it had the pantyhose in it, and they wouldn't bother to look inside. This is a fact.
People who don't know this assumed that 'hose bag' referred to sex, a 'bag' to put your 'hose' in - slut, skank, ho - but the truth is that "hose bag" originally referred to a pretty damn smart idea to keep from getting busted by the cops!
"I need to catch a buzz - can I borrow your hose bag?"
by Reb1 November 06, 2005
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Originated from the word Hoser describing a stereotypical Canadian Hockey player. Has recently turned into a derogatory term describing slutty women completely deviating from its original meaning.

"History: The term originates from a syndicated television comedy about a fictional television station: 'Second City Television Station' or 'SCTV.' Comedy skits on the show were presented as actual programs. One such skit was a program entitled "the Great White North" - the hosts, comedians Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas (portraying Bob and Doug MacKenzie), embellished and exaggerated the stereotypical American image of how Canadians talk and act. The characters (Bob and Doug) drank beer, while bantering back and forth, inflecting their speech heavily with 'eh?' and the occasional 'hoser.' "
Urban Dictionary - hoser
Aww Johnny, my little hosebag.
by Psyke May 27, 2008
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