One who participates in perverse activities. A horny invividual. Usually used in a positive, or joking way.
Although he does not show his sexual intentions extrovertedly,Tyler is a hornswaggler at heart.
by Sam and Paul November 24, 2006
A comical word to be used in place of "con" "jip" "cheated".
"That salesman hornswaggled us out of 500 dollars"
by ChrisS March 7, 2005
1. A state of confusion.
2. Describes a pirate who just had his booty stolen.
1. I was dumbfounded and confused and therefore bewildered which let me to believe I was hornswaggled.

2. Aaargh the aye says aye! Tis we've been hornswaggled again!
by The Haldbearer March 13, 2004
to be robbed by a close friend unexpectadly
man, that nigga irkz horswaggled me last night fo that chronic sak
by nick April 20, 2004
When you show up to work the day after you were out late partying and don't have time to make yourself look presentable.
"So I was out at Curley's last night and this guy bought me a Busch I figured I'd let him fuck my armpit"

"Sounds like you were Hornswaggled"
by elky999 March 6, 2009
hornswaggling is having sex with a retard because they make noises like various type of horns.
Hey Joe want's to get lucky with some Special Olymics contestants. He loves hornswaggling
by Douglas Wayne September 18, 2006