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A term used by hardcore southerners in reference to former power the south had in the mid 1800's. Thought to be racist or redneck by most of the non southern persuasion it is actually a term that has come true in some sense seeing that The south is, in our day in age, a cultural, industrial and economic power. Cities including Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville, Knoxville, Memphis, Charlston (one of the busiest ports in the country), Jacksonville, Mobile, and Montgomery are all cities of industrial and cultural importance. This Phrase is often represented in unison with the confederate battle flag and associated by the ignorant people of non southern descent (aka northeastern folk) as being a symbol of racism and biggotry, a common misconception as the civil war was not about slavery, but states rights; thus making the confederate flag a symbol of states rights and their sense of independant identity.
by Skibbles May 8, 2006
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a sexual manuever involving two males and one female. The female situates herself between the two males on her hands and knees. Takes one male in the mouth, the other in either the ass or pussy. At some surprise moment the two males who are facing each other grab hands and pull towards one another, the female involuntarily makes the noise "hoork!" The two males then laugh and high five thus completing the hork.
We gave thatgirl a hork
by Skibbles May 8, 2006
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