A Romanian name usually given to sub urban kids that will have a good future.
I’m gonna ask Horatiu for the answer to that question.
by Hwrestler11 August 7, 2019
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The combination of Funny and Weird. It can be used in situations where it's just so weird that its funny, or it can be used in awkwardly funny situations as well. Think of how many times you find yourself watching or doing something really odd or weird or out of the ordinary, but because of that it is mind blowingly funny. That is when this word comes in handy to describe that unique feeling that just can't be expressed without trying to explain the situation your in.

Some examples of Horatius situations:
-Seeing that kid on your sport team loose him/herself on a dancing pole.
-Joining him/her on that dancing pole.
-You just made out with your best friend on the dance floor.
-"shut up the cops are here!" "I'll bite your dick off"...Uhhh.
-Being part of a drum circle in a teepee of drummers who have no rhythm, and you have no Indian background.
-Watching drunk people Womp aggressively while in a sober state.
-Your best friends is really drunk and your really not, and he/she keeps hugging you and whispering sweet nothings into your ear. (at least tomorrow it will be funny)
-Drunk best friend also wont stop chanting "biscuit"
-If french air quotes are necessary, its probably horatius
-if you find yourself saying "yeah, how/why DID that happen?"
That party last night was just so horatius.
All I can remember is how horatius everything was.
by dolphin$4lyfe November 1, 2010
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It’s a given name mostly to a Sex God
“He fucked me so good today, almost like Horatiu”
by MilanGavris February 1, 2022
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A mf witch can steal evrey girl in the room, usually used as a synonym for “mr. steal your girl”. It also may be used as a synonym for “fuckboy” or “hotboy
Look at that dude! He is clearly a Horatiu! Don’t wanna let my girl anyway near that guy!
by horilmobil November 20, 2021
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