a term for when you feel like giving yourself stage 5 cancer tumors
i just found out my stage 3 wasn't terminal, wanna hop on criminality?
by Wayyllon August 18, 2021
two men playing a video game knows as Criminality in da game called ROBLOX also what da dog doin?
Hey Wanna Hop on Criminality? In ROBLOX? Yea. Sure!
by ilovechickenhok12345 June 27, 2021
Hop on criminality is used in the roblox criminality communication server, this means hop on the hit game roblox criminality, no im not getting payed to write this. This roblox game is the best of the best and you should play it, it's full of pvp and nonsense
Hop on criminality because its the most epic game in roblox
by FunnyGas November 16, 2022
Hardcore anal with 7 women at once. this does not counts as an ORGY since only sigma males can only get 7 bitches at ONCE
Man: Hop on criminality

Group of women: you said w-what?
by ThatGuyWithABrain69 June 28, 2022