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1. hoolio - to exercise. Named after hoolio, the coolest fitness platform ever invented. To exercise to one of hoolio's video workouts.
Girl 1: Summer is coming, I really need to start working out.

Girl 2: Yeah gurl, you need a little bit of hoolio in your life.
by SnoopRocks July 27, 2016
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Taken in the contest of the song Baby's Got Back by Sir-Mix-Alot he is referring to Florence Griffith Joyner a track athlete in the 1988 Olympics who defiantly fits all the other descriptions of what he likes in women mentioned in that song. Not some soda why on earth would you want to keep your women like a soda anyway?
You can have them bimbos,
I'll keep my women like Flo Jo
by Pdough May 15, 2006
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A U.S. version of a mexican pimp. Rarely seen around his house.
Any hawaiin who has any similarities to that of a mexican bumb but has the same attire of a modern day street pimp.
by Hoolio July 31, 2003
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One of those small black spiders you find in the basement of your house or in the bathrooms. Theyre small one day, then giant the next. you can wash them down the drain, but they crawl back up. they also seem to multiply.
guy one "Holy crap did u see that?!"
guy two "HMM? oh, thats just a hoolio"
guy one "a what?"
guy two "a hoolio"
guy one "what's a hoolio?"
guy two "a spider"
by flyboy675 April 19, 2009
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some kid o bothers me and i dont even know why he rights about me. He apparently has no life. And i almost feel sorry for him. no i don't
by he knows August 07, 2003
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