1. word used in reference to a ghetto area
2. someone who is from a ghetto area and stays true to that lifestyle of where they are from.
3. a lifestyle that wiggers, wigger bitches and wankstas alike sadly mistake for a trend thanks to the glorification of its negative aspects by crap rappers (ie: Lil Wayne) and try to emulate in an attempt to "fit in" and basically just rebel against their suburban upbringing, by watching way too much BET, wearing only brands that we wear in the hood (ie: RocaWear, Akademiks, Jordans, etc.) and using too much slang to the point where they just use words for the wrong purpose. they swear they hard but they all talk and wouldn't last 1 week in any real hood.
1. Jamaica (Queens), South Bronx, Bed-Stuy, Compton, LBC, etc.
2. shorty stay hood with it.
3. white girls that grew up in long island or any other quiet suburb and drive around in their cars and/or SUVs that daddy bought them and are spoiled rotten but swear they "hood" because they always use street slang, only date black guys, and only listen to the latest fad rap music but don't know the last damn thing about what it really means to be "hood."
by XxTheIceQueenxX October 21, 2008
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The flap of skin that covers the clitoris. Not all women have a hood, but it's not uncommon to find a woman with a hood.
When I got my hood pierced it hurt really bad, but now it's my favorite piercing.
by Pierced Princess September 11, 2006
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1 n
on a car, the most forward panel covering the engine (assuming the engine is in the front). also known as a bonnet.

2 n
a naval war ships in the english navy.

3 adj
slang for a criminal, most usually a street tough or mugger

4 n
slang for a neighborhood,
usualy refers to a depressed comuinity,
most often used in refrence to the neighborhood that the speaker is from.

5 n
a hat or head covering that covers the entire head and sometimes shoulders with an opening for the face.
a hood used to be a seperate part of clothing but is now usually intergrated into a sweater or coat.
open the hood of your car and check the oil.

is that the Hood out in the harbor?

you stay away from that man he is a hood.

when i was back in the hood, we didnt have a car.

i like your hood, it looks warm.
by thibbit October 27, 2006
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often mistook for literally meaning the ghetto; the term 'hood' is slang for neighborhood. what makes the term ghetto is that its mainly used in the ghetto.
"Come rollin thru my hood and ill bust a cap in yo ass mofucka!"
by _tricksta_ September 30, 2008
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(noun) the soft fleshy skin covering the clitoris of a female human being.
Yo, she had a pierced hood!

Little Red Riding Hood's "hood" is an ovbious symbol of her budding sexuality.
by Georgia Bedew Owen May 02, 2003
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Short for hoodlum - a criminal of a thuggish nature - liable to mug, rob, steal, burgle (that's burglarize to anyone who speaks Yankish), create havoc at sporting venues (that's Soccer Hooligan).

Hoodlums are not 'good-people'.

This word can be naively used to encourage the development of socially adjusted behaviour in one's offspring:
"Oy, you! - shutcha mahf - yor turnin' intwa right 'oodlum, you are."

Trans: "Excuse me, please be quiet, the making of excessive noise will lead to a life of crime."
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