slang used by US Army personal. means or refers to anything or anything except "NO". usual used by soldiers when answering a question or letting know that you heard the speaker.
SGT: you tracking?

by tweaker93 November 28, 2007
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Army slang used as a generic response to any question that would otherwise require a yes or no, or used in place of profanity when being given bullshit orders or receiving an ass chewing.
Dumbass NCO: Did you PMCS your Humvee?
Lazy Private: Hooah...

Worthless 1SG or Company Commander at COB formation at 2330 hrs: Formation tomorrow will be at 0315, bring in all of your issued gear and be prepared to take the APFT. Afterwards we will march to the motor pool for safety day activities which will last until 1730. Nobody will be released until POV inspections are done and all counseling statements are finished. After formation all barracks personell will stand at by their rooms for inspection, post housing personell will police call the parking lot, and off post personell will sweep the line at the motor pool.

Soldiers in Ate up Company: Hooah....(grunts and moans heard in the background)
by tripod October 02, 2004
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A word a military tard uses when he is grunting or blindly following orders.
Commander: Soldier I want you to take out that entire town of innocent chilrend.

Soldier: HOOAH!

Commander: WTF is wrong with you are you a retard or something?
by MrHobbes69 August 16, 2014
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an army term meaning yes, rodger, i undersand, ok, i agree, or any variation of a positive responce.
q: did you get the tire changed on the vehicle this morning
a: hooah!
by ted6889 August 09, 2008
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A slang term used widely in the US Army, hooah has many meanings. The most prevalent is "my brain is switched off, but my mouth is working anyway," or "you're an idiot, but you're also my superior officer, and I need a good evaluation, so sure, whatever you want." A synonym of the word 'like' as used by teenage girls. A filler word used in conversation, without meaning. Hooah may also be considered by the intellectually-challenged as proof of motivation, i.e. a soldier who is being being evaluated in a leadership training environment, must in some way prove that he/she is 'motivated'. Rather than focusing on delivering superior performance or demonstrating a high level of capability by which to be evaluated, the wise soldier will instead yell 'hooah' loudly and repeatedly at colleagues in order to sufficiently motivate them. (Hooah, like 'utilize,' should be stricken from the Army vocabulary.)
Quit saying that word. Shut up and think! This is a hooah-free zone!
by runTommyrun August 02, 2010
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A word slang for any acknowledgement or for showing excitement or an accomplishment. Of military origins.
Huzzah was used by the British marines and soldiers until the late 19th century. When the Americans adopted it, it was changed to hooah. Also it can be seen as the Canadian version as hooeh. (I am part of the Canadian military)
Canadian Soldier: I got the sniper! Hooeh!
American Sodlier: Good job! You give a new deffinition to the word hooah!
by krussader October 03, 2004
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1. Simply leting the superior NCO or Commissioned Officer the you heard, understood and acknowledge the order/instructions.

2. A cute way of hiding disdain for your superiors. Even though you quite literaly mean you heard, understood and acknowledge the orders/instructions. similar to rodger and fuck you
SFC McDumbass "Get out there and burn the shit! The damn things are overflowing! You got me soldier?"

PVT Joe Snuffie "HOOAH!! Moving time now SFC McDumbass. I'm all over it." See how the "HOOAH" means both yes and fuck you>
by oceanbos June 07, 2007
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