By far and beyond, the most commonly used Tomism (see "Tomism"). The phrase has it's origins when Tom was using his very last respirator mask while baling hay and took it off for lunch break. Chris quietly put a lump of horse shit in the middle of the mask. When Tom got up to put it back on, he stared at it for a few seconds, his face got red and he did a slow motion turn to Chris saying, "OHHHH... you MOTHER!!!" Since this event, it has become his signature phrase.
After saying, "OH you MOTHER", he proceeded to chase Chris around the barn, tackle him and perform Malaysian Chest Implosion Torture on him for revenge.
by Frank Klaune November 25, 2004
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To tell someone your pissed at them and or for no reason at all just for the hell of it.
Black guy 1: ha ha your gay you bitch
White guy 1: Fuck you mother Fucker!
Black guy 1: *Pulls out gun* what bitch
White guy 1: put that shit away bitch before i shoot your ass
Black guy 1: with what bitch?
White guy 1: *pulls out Desert Eagle* this bitch
Black guy 1: ok fine ill back off
Qhite guy 1: *shoots black guy 1 in the head then steals money from black guy 1*
by sam bewley February 17, 2008
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a way to address a room full of people, in a public and/or private place, perhaps after one of those " i just don't give a shit" days.
scene: walking into the break room after you've realized the last 4 hours you've been working have produced nothing but shit.

enter room:
person 1: hey bill whats going on
person 2: bill, BILL, billy boy!
person 3: hey billy

bill: (mumbles) yeah um hum... WHAT'S UP YOU MOTHER FUCKS! hows your day asshole? Mine's turned to shit how about that? :promply walk to the vending machine grab your snack in the midst of the silence and go outside to smoke:
by jadiepoetatie January 29, 2007
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Something that has to do with a little whore that was born
Oh you mother fucking whore you seriously made that
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The unspoken thought-question that exists in the mind of any sentient being who is trying to bond with another who is usually not their mother.
by Dr Bunnygirl July 14, 2021
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