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a derogatory term for a Caucasian person.
there are three main theories for the origin of the word:
1. the word originated from the practice of white males wishing to hire African-American prostitutes in the 1920's, and going to the appropriate part of town while honking their car horns to attract the whores. Some versions state that the reason for this was that the white men were too afraid to actually stop in those neighborhoods, so the honking would bring the hookers to them. Others say that since few African-Americans could afford cars back in that time, the honking signaled a higher-paying white client and would quickly gain the prostitutes' attention.
2. the term comes from the word "honky-tonk", which was used as early as 1875 in reference to wild saloons in the Old West. Patrons of such disreputable establishments were referred to as "honkies", not intended as a racial slur but still a disparaging term.
3. "honkie" is a variation of "hunky" and "bohunk", derogatory terms for Hungarian, Bohemian, and Polish immigrant factory workers and hard laborers in the early 1900's. African-Americans began to use the word in reference to all whites regardless of specific nation of origin.
also apelled "honky".
by Dawn Davenport October 25, 2004
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Word HONKIE or HONKEY originated in Chicago in the 1940s when repeatedly White men would drive to predominately black areas honking their vehicle horns looking for prostitutes. The annoyance caused the black community to refer to them as Honkies. Still today this term is still widely used to describe White people.
That honkie has driven pass this corner three times today.
by PiLadyCA May 23, 2005
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The only word you couldn't understand in Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' "Thrift Shop". So you decided to look it up in urban dictionary, so you can be indie and use a 1920's colloquialism that no one understands.
Thrift Shop fan boy 1: I should look up honkie in urban dictionary seeing as it is the only word I couldn't understand in Thrift Shop.
Thrift Shop fan boy 2: So you can be indie and use a 1920's colloquialism that no one understands?
Thrift Shop fan boy 1: Damn right.
by TheRazorSoft March 22, 2013
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a double long joint that's rolled by sticking at least two papers together. these resemble blunts in size but instead of being brown they're white hence the name honkie.
Stoner 1: yo man you got da dutch
Stoner 2: nah ima roll a honkie bro, they get you just as smacked
Stoner 1: straight
by grassman101 August 08, 2009
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