Honey-boo: Honey-boos are rare so when you find one never let her go. She is beautiful and her smile lights up the whole room. They normally like rap music and have brown hair. They also are kind and caring and are always there when you need them. They think they need make up but they are beautiful as they are
Zack: Woah look at that girl
Josh: Yeah well I called her first she's a Honey-boo
Honey-boo: Hey I'm listning to hotline bling
Drake: Hotline bling
by Dance_drama_lil December 10, 2015
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Honey-boo: Honey-boo's are rare so when you find one never let her go. They normally have brown hair and love to talk. They also like rap music and are beautiful. She thinks she needs make uo bu she really doesn't.
by Dance_drama_lil December 10, 2015
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The worst fucking goddamn show on television at the moment, wait no not even at the moment because the fucking thing was cancelled thank god. This 'TV show' consisted of a Walrus disguised as a human forcing her 6 year old daughter to attend beauty pageants, yes you fucking heard correctly, this terrible excuse for a mother gives me a reason to hate America, and I fucking love America, but this atrocity caused me to hate families like this, the whole goddamn family is so overweight they could be compressed and turned into a wrecking ball, its like they deep-fry lard for their breakfast, lunch and sodding dinner. This is honestly how the rest of the world sees America, not like the normal fucking people there, no, they see Americans as overweight opportunists who would take their 15 minutes of fame and do anything to milk it dry for as long as possible, and don't even get me started on the 'Go-Go Juice'. This fucking thing screams "SPONTANEOUS SEIZURE" in a bottle, you know what this fucking- this- THING contains? Red Bull, Mountain Dew and PURE FUCKING GASOLINE, and a 6 year old is drinking it?- Now I would start calling the Morgue, the FBI, the Police, and the CPA because that shit is UNACCEPTABLE!I just hate this show so much. You know what I'd rather watch? Fucking Justin "I wish you were aborted" Bieber stroking Jennifer Lawrence while licking his lips and staring passionately at the camera, now i know that would never happen but still, I'd rather watch that than... THIS!
"These other girls are crazy if they think they can beat Honey Boo-Boo child"- Honey Boo Boo, Yes insert the fucking facepalm and loss in faith of humanity here.
by JazzJam November 1, 2013
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A caffeine and sugar induced involuntary bowel movement followed by muscle spasms of the lower body and arms.
After 3 redbull and vodkas and a half bag of skittles Eric had a Honey Boo Boo in his bunny costume and had to leave the halloween party in a hurry.
by monkey13 October 29, 2012
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When a biker goes down on a fat chick with his club brothers watching.
Look at those greasy bikers honey boo booing that fat chick.
by Tbird67 March 21, 2017
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A show which features an obese family doing funny,annoying weird shit.
"Have you seen the new Honey Boo-Boo?" "Yeah,that's fucked up!"
by Imrandoms November 21, 2013
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