The state of being in denial about one's homosexuality.
"Look at that fag over there."
"Shutup you fucking homophobe. Youre probably gay yourself."
by me January 27, 2005
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A hetrosexual man or woman that is subconiously scared they will become gay.

'phobic' = scared.
Rob: I am gay. *hugs John*
Harry: You're both fags.
Jess: :O! Harry! You are homophobic!
Harry: Am I?! What does that mean?!
Jess: It means you're scared that Rob or John might start hitting on you.
Rob:But we love each other! Not Harry!
John: *shifty eyes*
by iLiKeCheEsE666!! October 28, 2006
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call of duty fans from middle school that cant defend themselves in an argument so they call you gay
homophobic example: at lunch/p.e you say anything about not liking cod or talk about something they think is weird they will call it gay no matter what because that rich yeezys wearing kid says "oh anime that's gay and everyone who watches it is gay" despite anime being Japanese animation, these people will never change and get slty over everything and will think they are better than you just ignore them and they'll stop
by WEABOO!! December 23, 2019
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1.Christians/Roman Catholics afraid of same sex marriage

2.Jocks and 'cool kids' who want to keep a good reputation


4.The general American population

5.God (apparently)
What is wrong with this sentence?

Im a cool American christian republican and a homophobic

It's redundant.
by The caring Athiest June 21, 2009
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A term that has lost its real meaning over the years. It means to be fearful of homosexuality or homosexuals. But many have turned the meaning to mean that someone is hateful of homosexuals. This is not the correct definition of homophobic, rather it is to just be fearful of homosexuality and/or homosexuals.
Homophobe is a name given to those that are fearful of homosexuals.
You can be from any religion, race, gender, etc. and be a homophobe. It is not just Christianity or Atheism or Islam.
(I, the author, do not hate homosexuals nor fear them.)
Person 1: I hate homosexuals.
Person 2: You're just being homophobic!
Person 1: I am not fearful of homos, I just hate them.
by ndh777 February 07, 2009
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A term used for fear of homosexuals, usualy occurs in men and strangly only usualy refers to men. Male homophobics are usualy only affensive/aggressive to other male homosexuals.

I myself am homophobic and believe that being gay is wrong and against nature. I mean if you have anal sex with someone it makes ur ass bleed. Also two men or two women can't reproduce, if humanity was intended to be gay then shouln't gay people be able to preproduce?

Ofc gays find a way around this by adopting a child. Man that child must be fucked up. Dad and dad or mum and mum... Expect the piss taken out of him for his school carear.
*John* That guys parents are both male
*Jack* Really, ha well his life is screwed
*Ann* Man you gives are so homophobic, there is nothing wrong with being gay...
*John and Jack having already walked off*
by Haxar October 10, 2007
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Afraid that people will think you are gay, particularly if you do or say something that is traditionally assigned to the opposite gender
John Pow is homophobic, he's afraid people will think he's gay because he sucks cocks
After saying he liked Lady Gaga, Tommy became homophobic.
by penelope storm September 02, 2013
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