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Much like the concept of a 'phantom poop' or the opposite of a 'cream pie'. Holy Ghosting is when you cum inside somebody's butthole & that shit is so tight, it doesn't come out.
Holy Ghosting:

"Hey man, I saw you leave the bar last night with that chick. What happened?"

"Dude, she took it like a champ. Holy Ghosted that shit."

by PhantomPooper December 14, 2014
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When your spirit leaves your body as a ghost and has sex with a virgin girl in her sleep, then informs her the next day that she is pregnant with your son.
Virgin Girl: Oh my god, I missed my period!!
*Ghost randomly appears*
Ghost: What did you think about that ghost dick last night? I was holy ghosting the other night and you were the lucky one! Enjoy our son.
by laserboy June 13, 2016
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Holy Ghosting is when you hear something that makes you laugh so hard that you don't make a noise and your body looks possessed. Frontwards and backward bends are common, uncontrollable shaking, knee slapping, and Thizz facing, are all comment signs of a good Holy Ghost!
Thomas said something so funny, that Mota started Holy Ghosting!
by UltraSuicide14 December 12, 2016
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