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Used by white supremacists and anti-semites to refer to the holocaust. Also known as the holocau$t
It seems like every year we have a holohoax memorial.
by Joe December 31, 2003
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Word used by white supremacists to explain their belief that the Holocaust never happened, that Hitler and the Nazis "weren't that bad," and was all a ploy by the West to give Jews their own land or money, or something...I'm honestly not sure, their reasoning is just too stupid.
White supremacist reasoning: "So the Holocaust was really messed up and there's no logical way to justify it, so what we'll do is pretend it never happened. That way we can appeal to the gullible and the stupid among us, God knows there's lots of them. And we can even have a clever name for it: Holohoax! We're so smart..."
by pops87 January 10, 2010
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Bullshit because the Holocaust did exist. 2 of my uncles and my great-grandfather had the tattoos given to them by the nazis. No one can tell me that the Holocaust is a fraud because I have seen proof.
People who call the Holocaust the "holohoax" are sadly mistaken and are most likely anti-semitic
by lazyjay February 25, 2005
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