get back to me,
yo holla back
by roxanne December 9, 2003
on vc mail:
~dis kd playa, holla back~
by YoungCali August 28, 2003
This term can be used as an goodbye greeting or when ending a conversation or at the end of trying to prove a point.
Iight I'll see ya. Holla Back

Pronunciations may vary also, some southerners make it into a Holla Ba-Ache ie: How Khia talks
by Lisa Ceezy February 22, 2003
after a farewells been made you say this to the other person
yo peace dawg
aight man holla back
by 2pac amuru shakur November 26, 2003
i hate when people say this because my last name is Hollerback
Anyone who says this to me will die.
by Sunshine Dore June 21, 2005
to reply to reply at your convience. To let someone know you got their message. To meet up with a lady.
Holla back ya hear
I'll holla back at ya
Yo holla back girl.
by Geno D September 26, 2005
dude: "Alligators have been around since like the dinosaurs!!"
myself: "That's right"
dude: "Holla Back! I'm a scientist too!!"
myself: "Right on"
by Holasia September 11, 2006