a stupid lil thot wit a busted ass tryna hook up w all y'all men
look at that bitch alli, she's such a hoeass
by olivia kelly January 31, 2019
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Elijah stole my marker, he is such a hoeass.
by joemamareloaded February 5, 2020
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A hoe who is being so hoeish that it's borderline assy
omg u ate all the oranges!! KT u are being such a hoeass!!!
by suaveaf September 5, 2015
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My guy tragic magic is a Hoeass
Oi tragic your a Hoeass
by ElHehe November 28, 2021
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A hoe ass is a person that does disloyal things to their friends steals from them and screws over people knowing it’s unmorally right and knows “What goes around comes around
Becky pulled a hoeass move on me and robbed me for everything I had, and clucked/bumped it all off and acts like it never even happened and avoids the situation because they are hoeass’

A hoeass is also someone who lets someone rob you for everything behind your back because they are easily influenced, lacks a backbone and are just straight hoeass niggas!
by Whitney Marie October 20, 2021
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