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n: a female of questionable sexual virtues; may be used interchangeably with hoe bag, hoe, slut, whore, or any similar word
Wow. That girl is wearing a mid-riff-bearing shirt and butt shorts...she's such a hoe boot. She should have gone to college.
by ehh April 15, 2005
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A term used to describe particularly high shoes of at least 6 inch heels worn by a small person. They are difficult to walk in, and if this phrase is used, it can also describe the wearer as a 'wannabe chav'. Although they are called boots, they are classified as shoes. Those who purchase "hoe boots" normally have no idea of the social stigma it will cause. If you own a pair, you should practise walking in them in a long skirt to hide them.
"Did you have a growth-spurt this weekend?"
"No way, look at the hoe boots on her feet!"
"Gosh, I'd never have thought it of you..."
by fayonaise October 26, 2005
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