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n: a female of questionable sexual virtues; may be used interchangeably with hoe bag, hoe, slut, whore, or any similar word
Wow. That girl is wearing a mid-riff-bearing shirt and butt shorts...she's such a hoe boot. She should have gone to college.
by ehh April 15, 2005

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a type of dildo invented by a group of school pupils on a trip 2 london
other dildos also known as furry ferret and slimy snake
"for pleasure i like to use a wet whale"
by ehh August 12, 2004

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the word lol (laugh out loud) wit ness added on the end of it for special effect made up by me an used all around the country now **im 2 cool**
sam " hoody is a bi"
katy "lolness"
by ehh September 12, 2004

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