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See that guy begging for money on the freeway? Defnitely not a hobosapien.
by Twiggy June 04, 2005
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There are many misconceptions about the hobo and the first and most blatantly erroneous is that the hobo is a transient human. This is wrong. The fact of the matter is the hobo went extinct somewhere in the late 30s.

The hobo sapien was not human nor was he a human predecessor. Although they do share a common ancestor humans did not evolve directly from hobos. This is evident in their dentition as the hobo has a dentition of 2122 opposed to the human 2123. There more prevalent Y5s is also an indication of their departure from our phylogenic lineage.
The biggest puzzle of the hobo stems from his inherent nomadic tendencies. Many attempts at integrating the Hobo sapien failed in the late 1800s. Hobos would be rounded up and taught to live in community but the hobos would eventually disperse in a matter of time after the barrel fires were low on fuel and the trains steamed up again.

Hobo culture was peculiar indeed. The male hobos would ride rails from town to town peddling for scraps of food and making humans sexually uncomfortable with their staring. The females were the more agile of the group and the more shy. They traveled often as well but were rarely seen as their agility and quick reflexes helped them hide. The only time a hobo would stay relatively in one area was to raise young. This took approximately three years and after that time they were able to travel sufficiently on their own, although they would avoid train life until their early 30s.

Little is known about the hobo. Recent anthropological finds are revealing startling discoveries about the cranial structure of the hobo and how it may have been linked to their nomadic nature. For more information contact your local universities anthropology department to hear about the cutting edge news on hobology.
There have been many claims about Hobo sapiens being spotted in recent years. The most noted being the Silverman sighting in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. Two local residents were sitting by some railroad tracks when a person walked by that didn't look 100% normal. He had a sloped brow and was very dishevelled. He looked distraught but still took a moment to say "Howdy folks". They informed a local anthropologist and during the subsequent investigation they found a hobo bag/stick nearby that was described by Dr. Laberge as either "real or the best fake he's ever seen". If this was a hobo it may explain why he was so distraught as hobos who had misplaced their bag/stick were known to go near homicidal with frustration. Although we may never know if it was it gives us hope that maybe they still walk among us.
by John Tu June 17, 2008
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The name for a person who has no permanent residents (a homeless person).
Person 1: "Bro did you see that guy who lives up on the mountain"?
Person 2: "yeah I heard he is a hobosapien"
by (=_=) April 03, 2017
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A professional panhandler or street beggar who is not suffering from any mental or other disability, but rather uses well thought begging strategies to earn a middle class living.
I used to give Bob the panhandler money. But, when we showed up at the same tenants' meeting, I realized he was a hobo sapiens.
by TGD360 January 05, 2008
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hobo is a hobo and sapiens is his name .. You may call him names but thats what he was . A travelling country ol`man !
My father was the first hobo sapiens I met in my life. he knew poetry and all the tricks in the world to survive where ever he could fall.Being a hobosapiens is a man blessed by the god of travellers, Jesus had no home and no money..have you noticed his disciples NEVER carried any bags with any of them. They just ate where people shared their diner with them. Jesus was a messenger not a prophet, he died as he lived, fully in harmony with love.
by Fabritz December 11, 2011
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