When you get Covid-19 and suffer massively, and then die.
Did you hear about Jim dying in the hallway of an emergency room last night? He got hoaxed
by ubeenhoaxed April 11, 2020
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flump got hoaxed today from CF
by snarg December 17, 2005
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1 Transtive/Verb
to trick into believing or accepting as genuine something false and often preposterous.
2: Noun
1 : an act intended to trick or dupe : IMPOSTURE
2 : something accepted or established by fraud or fabrication
It has been said that say the "Kennedy Assassination" was a "Hoax"
by Bernie March 10, 2005
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A hoax is a deliberately fabricated falsehood made to masquerade as truth.
rumours,urban-legends,April fools day... those are all synonyms of Hoax
by the denkyle October 4, 2011
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Lakeisha: I cant believe i fell for that damn hoax!
Khamani: you mean covid?
by MommypigSnortSnort October 16, 2020
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Noun: Anything from global warming to mail-in ballots that Donald Trump thinks is fake news. Also, anything "crooked Hillary" will tell you. Basically just bullshit
"Climate change, Mail-in Ballots, its a hoax, a lot of its a hoax" -Donald Trump
by PotterPirate15 November 10, 2020
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