HoneyMoon Experience - Provided by affection-oriented escorts (see related entry at gfe) who strive for a more complete level of total romantic satisfaction.
The best escorts, female or male, specialize in a genuine HME.
by GMG October 09, 2003
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HME is the acronym for Hot mess Express. A Hot Mess Express is a group of girls who are entirely too slutty and have the worst reputations on campus. Basically they have sex with any guy who has a penis. This includes; teachers for A's, geeks so they can type their papers and do homework for them, frat boys for beer, other girls boyfriends, other boys who are talking to girls, store owners for free clothes (not nice ones, stores such as Rainbow, Body Shop, Fashion Bug, Rave, and any other cheap chinese or african american clubware store). If a guy turns them down from Rainbow they will most likely shop lift their shit from fashion bug.

When one sleeps with a girl from the HME he immediatly is on the train for life (thats why we refer to it as an express). The whoriest of the HME will be the caboose (for obvious reasons) and the leader of the group that is the conductor is basically the pimp who whores the other whores out. Do not be confused, the conductor is still a whore herself, but she instructs the others to target prey.
Tammy: Look at those group of girls over there, they are acting like complete sluts..oh....no wonder why...they're just the HME."

Bobby: hey i think i gotta go ge checked for aids...
John: why? did you sleep with anyone from the HME?
Bobby: i banged them all.

HME:I need a new shirt to go out toight, i guess i have to sleep with the manager of RAVE again.
by footloose23456 November 17, 2009
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Home Made Explosives; currently being used in Iraq by insurgents to blow up coalition forces.
Damn Haji hit us with HME last night!
by Pultz September 13, 2007
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sexy smoldering nigga with a fat ass cock. single but pulls bitches. can suck dick and not be gay. ass at videogames but makes the ps4/xbox party fun
Bruh, that dude right there is such a hme, cant do shit to him or he will hit u with his big dick
by The_Real_Niggaholes June 02, 2020
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