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a.k.a. "Boy's night out":
1. Venturing out beyond domestic prison walls for an evening of revelry and ribaldry with the guys, free from the opressive stare and piercing searchlights of "the warden." Punishment is traditionally dealt out in proportion to the amount of fun experienced, especially past curfew.
2. Little Known Fact: Boy's night out needn't exclude all women, just irritable wives and angry girlfriends.
3. An opportunity for the male to compare drinking, gaming and ridiculing abilities agains his peers, as well as conduct live field tests of his attractiveness to the opposite sex, without interference from significant others which would cloud the results.
Sweetheart, of course you can't come, it's strictly guy's night out, remember? If YOU came along, it wouldn't be guy's night out, now would it? That's the whole point!
by GMG November 20, 2003

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by GMG October 09, 2003

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