me: whos that
friend: thats the nice man hittler
by mega_gay_priest June 22, 2021
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While fucking a chick doggy style insert one finger into the asshole gently reach around and whipe just under the nose. Also known as the dirty sanchez.
I totaly gave your mom a phat ass hittler last night. She loved it.
by smitty September 18, 2003
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He is a rude man. He was apart of the Nazi Party. He has not had any death dates yet
Well, you follow blond hair and blue eyes, Hittlers rule
by Gque BAA loh RAWBERRY April 29, 2019
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It hitters strongest weapon. It took him fifty years to build it up. When it happens it while wipe out half the nation. It will supposivly smell like beef jerky rotten eggs and Oprahs weave
Have you heard of mega hittler queef it could blow any day now
by Habby bannanna June 23, 2015
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1. This is what happens when you get suckered into driving a shittler around for over an hour, just so he can mate with his girlfriend.
2. Giving a girl thousands of dollars over the course of week or two, just so that she can pretend to love you, and give you a little suckey-suckey once a month to keep the cash flowing.
"I wonder if that dude's girlfriend is really going to start hitting the hittler, or if she is just leading on for the camera."
"That chick will never hit the hittler. how pitiful for him"
by amsterdam sam September 11, 2008
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