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Having oral, vaginal and anal sex while busting on the women's face completeing the cycle. 4 objectives and four bases hence the meaning hit a cyle!
Yesterday my true mak daddy kong came out, I took her back to my place and hit a cycle !!!!pow!
by Mak Daddy Kong July 11, 2009
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To sleep with four women, in no particular order, where each of the four must be from a different Scandinavian country. This is done over a short period of time (no longer than four days/nights) with no women from other countries being slept with during this time. A natural cycle is to sleep with a woman from each Scandinavian country in this order: Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. Usually military men from the United States and Canada, stationed somewhere in the EU, participate. This has been known to take place at holiday resorts where women from each Scandinavian country are present abundantly (for example, Thailand). Of course, unlike baseball with observable evidence, whether a cycle is reached or a natural cycle is acheived is rather doubtful, as most men claim success and yet in reality very little has taken place between the braggart and the woman in question.
Person One: Jim! Where is she from, man?!
Jim: Denmark!
Person One: Think you can hit a cycle?
Jim: I know so, man!
by 569 Clifford July 15, 2009
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