A child version of an more complete adult. They have a lot of great ideals, but don't realize that they will never transcend being nothing more than another trend. The hipster feels that you are either a hipster or a dumb fucking puppet conforming to society. All the while the hipster them self is a dumb fucking puppet conforming to society. Hipsters claim to be very open minded and love bragging about interracial relationships, but lump all frat boys and sorority girls into the "meat head" category, which is a different kind of bigotry. This is not bad, its just very immature. Kids act this way.

Adults like music that appeals to them. Adults listen to The Kooks, Beethoven, and Del The Funky Homosapian and maybe throw in some Kanye West, Pink, and Pearl Jam because they like the songs and don't give a shit who's judging them. Adults wear whatever they like, whether it be from a thrift shop, J. Crew, or Target because they like how it looks on them. Adults go to the gym because its healthy. Adults can go see "Wristcutters:A love Story" and then go see Iron Man because, fuck it, I felt like it.

Hipsters are generally kids who were shy and/or different as kids and they carried the subconscious resentment of not "fitting in" over to their young 20's and early 30's. Some Hipsters grow up around 35 when they realize that the world doesn't revolve around just them. Some don't, and they go on to be lonely senior citizen's.

Their are plenty of people who listen to indie rock, dress cool, and can recite poetry who are not Hipsters. Hipsters are the ones who all look exactly the same and harshly judge people outside of their clique.
Two guys are at a party. The Hipster is wearing a tight Tee and tight jeans and Buddy Holly glasses. The other is wearing madras shorts and a NY Yankees tee shirt.

Yankee: This Calvin Harris song is the shit.

Buddy Holly: I don't like it anymore, it's selling on iTunes. Who says "the shit"? Where are your Chuck Taylors?

Yankee: I like flip flops because they are really really comfortable.

Buddy Holly: I bet you like fake tits and date rape, too!

Yankee: Nope. Do you like the Yankees?

Buddy Holly: Sports is for the idiots that beat me up in High School, er, I mean... I don't follow sports. Sports are for meat heads.

Yankee: I like sports. I was going to see if you wanted my tickets to the game tomorrow because I'm going to an opening at a new gallery in Tribecca and can't make the game.

Buddy Holly: Anyone who would have a show in Tribecca is a sell out. You should come see the show at my apartment in Billyburg.

Yankee: Sounds cool. When is it?

Buddy Holly: Sorry. You can only come if you wear Chuck Taylors...
by Andrew Martinez June 16, 2008
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Most of these definitions appear to be written by people with a great dislike of so called hipters. What little group were you excluded from that made you so bitter? These are not really definitions, but diatribres. The three paragraph rants about a percieved stereotype seem a bit extreme and obsessive. Kids like to have fun with fasion. They always have. Let them have their fun. It's part of growing up. No matter what you do you are adhering to some cultural conformity. Pick your fashion, enjoy it and shut up.
I hate hipters because they think they're better than me, I know they do because it's what I think. Just look at them with their hipster haircuts and tight jeans. Why don't hipsters just dress like "normal" people, mainstream music rules, I love Clay Aikins and P. diddy.
by guy smiley 888 October 10, 2006
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The Bourgeois Bohemian. Those who strive for the starving artist image, but without the starving or the art. They represent the futility of being a young person trying to be shocking, groundbreaking and passionate in the 21st century. They're total non-conformists and don't dress like anyone else. Ever. Typically, they wear skinny-jeans with ironic t-shirts, vintage jackets and moustaches. Silly hats are optional. They also don't act like anyone else. Typically, they support obscure independent music and fair trade/ organic produce. See what I mean? There's no pidgeon-holing a hipster.

Hipster bands include Animal Collective, Vivian Girls, the Antlers and Grizzly Bear. Now that I've mentioned them, they're evil mainstream bullshit. On to the next band!
You: "See, I have a moustache. It's ironic because I'm not racist."
Me: "Fucking hipster..."
by Bill Burroughs December 07, 2010
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People on Tumblr.
We are such hipsters bcuz we have Tumblrs and reblog pictures of weed and lyrics and Spongebob.
by 4evral0n3 January 14, 2011
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(B)ac(k)ronym for Hirsute, Inked, Pierced, Self-Important, Trendy, Entitled, Retro-wearing Slobs.
Hipsters hating on other hipsters have never been so hip.
by Regent Devil December 03, 2009
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Word that basic people use to describe people who are not basic.
I'll bet that hipster has never even seen the inside of an Eddie Bauer.
by Dhuron November 23, 2017
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You know what pisses me off, that Iโ€™ve been watching Rick and Morty since 2014 and no one gave a shit about it then and now everyone loves it because itโ€™s the new hype. ๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’
A hipster is someone that thinks theyre cool because they did something before everyone else and theyre too good to do it now that everyone else does.
by YaBoi4200 October 09, 2017
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