A revolutionary, subversive and non-violent poet who became known for his association with the beatniks of the late forties and fifties, but later became involved in the flower children movement of the sixties. His controversial poem, "Howl," was tried in obscenity court for its content, but Ginsberg was victorious in its acquittal.
Allen Ginsberg was the original hipster.
by tizzicolton September 26, 2010
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A pretty great gay free verse poet and beatnik. His most famed work is Howl, a three part poem (with a poetic footnote) that was Ginsberg's response to the social climate in America, in addition to parts of his life. Became very involved in spirituality, becoming a Buddhist in the 1960s. He wrote tons of poems, which I definitely recommend you read. Though later on his stuff got weirder.
Allen Ginsberg was an excellent poet, but in his later years he wrote some pretty weird poems, like, "Sphincter" (which, albeit it being strange is funny).
by CrackaAssMotherfucka October 20, 2011
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A guy who enjoyed touching men while nude.
"that man named allen ginsberg there is touching another poet... they are both nude.
by loltitscatman June 10, 2009
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