Dry Mouth, esp. when caused by smoking a fat J.
Yo man, can we stop for some OJ? I got some serious hippopotamus.
by Ghost Snake Killa April 7, 2022
When a person's face is so bloated and deformed that it's impossible to distinguish it from their ass. As it is, the ass already resembles a hippopotamus face. For the poor bastard sporting one of these, it also resembles theirs. It is a synonym with "Ed Zachary Disease".
Yikes - look at that double hippopotamus. If he ate with his ass and sat on his face, I wouldn't know the difference.
by mossyrock September 4, 2014
A word you would make someone say while they stuff marshmellows into their mouth.
Girl: Say it! Come on, please?

Guy: Pubby bopobomaz!! *gag*

(chubby hippopotamus)
by cannow February 19, 2010
When you walk down the street completely naked doing the Helicopter Dick while peeing.
"OMG that guy is doing the pooping hippopotamus and it's getting all over me."
by acoustiix January 15, 2016
Used to define a chubby, wrinkled, to' up twat.
Star Jones wearing spandex looks like a hippopotamus eating a lemon. Star Jones has hippopotamus cooch.
by JesusChristSupaFreak March 28, 2005
An abnormally overused pussy . So loose that dicks get lost in that jungle .
Brian: That bitch was so loose that I got no pleasure . It felt like I was sticking my dick in some nasty jello .
Jason: Ew , you caught yourself a twat hippopotamus O.o
by SuckThePussy October 31, 2011