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A pot seed in the joint that blows it up like a cigarette load. Rumored to cause sterillity in males.
POP! Awww shit, man who rolled the hippie grenade?!
by Penith Pumpah February 25, 2007
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a marijuana seed. got its name by the way they explode when smoked.
"John you basterd! Make sure you get out all of the hippie grenades first!"
by Travis Karacson January 25, 2008
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This is the term for the bit of hot ash that you accidentally suck down your throat while smoking marijuana. Usually, this occurs given 2 criterion:

1) You are smoking out of a pipe with no screen (Like most glass pipes).

2) You are near the end of the bowl, or the bowl is already gone and you are trying to be greedy and get one last hit.

This isn't really dangerous, as the tiny bit of ash won't do any lasting damage. It is more of a hassle or nuisance.
Stoner #1: "Dude I think the bowl is getting clse to being done..."

Stoner #2: "No way bro, let me get one more rip! <COUGH, COUGH> Damn, I just took a hippie grenade down my throat!"
by Mantis7 Soulseek February 02, 2005
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