Someone who is not to be confused with Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler. They are either: 1. An Argentinean who just so happened to have a similar name to Adolf Hitler. 2. Used when a Youtuber wants to say "Hitler" but knows he/she will be demonitized.
1. Oh is that guy a descedant of Hitler?

That guy: Que?
2. Aww man it's "hilter" again!
by Bored10yearolld August 4, 2021
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A post WW2 Hitler fled to Argentina starting a crime ring with himself as the Druglord. He did nothing wrong. He just wanted to gas the juice before drinking, but the allies converged on him from all sides and he had to flee on his submarine. :(
I hear Hitler is in his bunker in Argentina posing as Senor Hilter.
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