A combination of the words hi and hello and is used if you're too cool to use the words hi or hello
by Captain Bruh March 15, 2015
Hi + hello=hilo
When someone wants to say hi but they can't decide if they want to say hello instead they put them together to become hilo
by magonagal March 12, 2015
a diffrent way of saying hi to other people
by R S G July 22, 2003
my and my bubbah's term for the L word.. :D
honey nahihilo aq.. :)>-
by iloveubabe March 18, 2008
A fucking awesome place to live as in Hawaii on the BIG ISLAND. yes it is awesome don't you wish you could live there?

Amazing little town 45 minutes away from Volcano another majorly cool town...
So I like visited Hilo and hella want to go back.
by The Little Freak October 6, 2008
An informal way of saying Hello. A mixture of "Hi", and "Hello".
by Russewnadian January 14, 2010