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A WONDERFUL and amazing nickname. Mainly for the name Hilary.
Wow, hil, you almost called me. I am honored.
by Anonymous April 19, 2005
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Your at work, on messenger, and someone sends you something funny. You instantly want to LOL but you remember your at work so you HIL instead. HIL is far more work appropriate.
by chuckilla March 26, 2012
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'HIL' is Leannas and Cindys word.
it is commonly used when txting and stands for ' Haha i'm laughing'
example of "HIL" is omg theres a ginger! HIL! or..look at that asian haha HIL
by Lee Lee =D December 26, 2008
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HIL= How Is Life. You might get this from a friend if they want to know how you are feeling.
Friend: HIL
You: It is good how about you
Friend: I am having some problems but ok
by Chickenlordk March 03, 2019
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