Video game lingo often used when playing a first-person-shooter online, meaning to run around the map whilst making many kills by repeating the same tactic(s); the opposite of being a camper.
Greg: Alright, so I was playing Modern Warfare 2, and I tried camping at Crash.
Fred: And...?
Greg: This guy kept running around the map tac knifing everybody. He even called in a nuke!
Fred: What a freakin' hiker!
by TheJeebusofSuburbia May 27, 2010
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A walking traveller, usually over mountanious paths.
The hiker finally reached the summet.
by Chaos_Side October 11, 2006
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a male with a very large penis that can venture into "virgin" territory.
Porn stars are usually hikers. They venture way, way back into the virgin territory.
by Max-Dawg July 5, 2005
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Hiker's Curse is a condition of burning in the butt region usually caused from inadequate wiping after a bowel movement.
I've got a bad case of Hiker's Curse.
by Click Spring December 14, 2017
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Hiker Midnight is 9:00 pm. This is the time that the sun is definitely down and most serious and mannerly hikers will be going to sleep such that they can get 8 or more hours sleep before a daybreak departure.
It was past hiker midnight when those a*holes showed up making all kinds of noise and began cooking dinner! They kept me up half the night...Sucked!

Please do your best to arrive early or to make little noise in a campsite/shelter after 9:00 pm...
by Pay Per View August 9, 2012
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noun; When an individual ejaculates into a worn boot of any sort for sexual pleasure. This may be in any environment or setting, the term still remains the same.
Example 1: While Jenny wasn't looking, I took her bright pink cowgirl boots and did a "white hiker".

Example 2: Mr. Lorsaw left his old brown boots in the locker room, which got me sexually excited. While no one was looking, I stuck my dick into the dirty ol' thing and performed a traditional white hiker.
by The Walter White May 23, 2022
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An itch that moves to another place when you scratch it.
Oh shit,I got an Itch-Hiker!It's moving down my back!
by Klite49 June 13, 2009
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