They always seem to be some needy attention seekers writing up shit on Twitter with dumb crap like "11:11," "like for a tbh," (this one actually means "trampy blue horn," which relates to worshipping the Blue Brother of Lucifer; but these kids think it means "to be honest;" and even so, "like for a to be honest" is nowhere near GRAMATICALLY CORRECT), always shooting up pics of their butts on Instagram and saying stupid, made-up words like "slay" and "avi" (meaning "avatar"), etc. The boys end up getting killed or arrested, and the girls end up pregnant before 20 and shit.

There's always stupid stuff like homecoming, prom...interesting since actually the coming part in homecoming and the prom word both have explicit, sexual connotations: the "coming" part is slang and relates to the pleasure that usually happens in freaky-ass adulthood, and the word "prom" actually derives from "pron," which is internet slang for pornography.

I can't freaking stand homecoming or prom! No rant intended, but even the football BS is starting to ramp up some drunk idiots and violent, law-breaking assholes trying to screw their ladies and crushes up.

The innocent, real normal kids get in trouble because of these fucking dumbass "popular" antichrists!

Them dumbasses'd be in prison in Texas for the shit they'd usually get away with in California.
Screw the high schoolers. I just want them to suck a liberal's big cock!
by dangnuggets November 02, 2016
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