An activity that is given way to much credit than it actually deserves. While the athletes have fun, get all the popularity, get all the recognition from their school, and get scholarships, the kids who work their asses off in school and outside in other activities such as science, robotics, art...(things that actually matter) don't get any acknowledgement. And it ends up that only a couple people from each school actually get scholarships for sports or play for their college but the funding still flows towards high school sports. Thank you America.
Athlete: Dude, I just got a full scholarship to Duke for basketball! I'm so glad I played high school sports!

Computer Geek: I got a 4.5 this year but I'm still waiting for my admission into college.
by Nizar March 25, 2014
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The ranking system that makes football cool and golf...well...not so cool.
Damn that high school sports hierarchy!
by lil' T... September 18, 2006
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The ranking system of sports that are cool to not-so-cool.

Football, Lacrosse
Basketball, Soccer
Baseball, Volleyball
Hockey, Swimming
Wrestling, Track
Cross Country, Tennis
Golf, Bowling
Football and Lacrosse are at the top of "coolness" on the high school sports hierarchy.
by Death Shredder July 30, 2007
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The law in high school that states all lacrosse, football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer players and Track/XC Runners are the coolest people in high school and get all the hot chicks.
Im a Track/XC runner and i get hot chick # 1

Hey you lacrosse player you can have hot chick # 2, and Football QB u can have all the rest!

Soccer player: You over there what sport do you play?

Kid: None

Soccer player: Oh then ur not cool at all

Baseball player talking to basketball player: I love this high school sports hierarchy because we are so cool and the chicks dig us!
by Sportsfreeek May 5, 2009
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complete skanks, they blow everyone on the team regularly and are the team's bitch. they don't do anything productive other than dish out pre/post-game beejers and bake really good food. they are loved by the players on the team, but when they dont keep up with their whore responsibilities, they often find themselves removed from the position
Those high school sports managers were too busy to keep up with their school work because they were falling behind on their blow jobs.
by lesssssgoooooo September 10, 2010
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