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A North American eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) characterized by a brownish-black body and a white head and tail in the adult. Also called American eagle.
Alexander Fulcher flew gracefully over the mountain.
by Nizar December 19, 2006
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When you start on that market it will increase you TDV.
by Nizar December 21, 2006
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An activity that is given way to much credit than it actually deserves. While the athletes have fun, get all the popularity, get all the recognition from their school, and get scholarships, the kids who work their asses off in school and outside in other activities such as science, robotics, art...(things that actually matter) don't get any acknowledgement. And it ends up that only a couple people from each school actually get scholarships for sports or play for their college but the funding still flows towards high school sports. Thank you America.
Athlete: Dude, I just got a full scholarship to Duke for basketball! I'm so glad I played high school sports!

Computer Geek: I got a 4.5 this year but I'm still waiting for my admission into college.
by Nizar March 25, 2014
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