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an alcoholic drink consisting of some form of liquor, esp. rum, whiskey, vodka, diluted with soda, water or ginger ale. served with lots of ice in a tall glass.
"all we've got is some popov and some sprite, guess we're drinking high balls tonight"
by King Chode November 26, 2004
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A short 1oz (mostly) drink. The hard is usually from the front bar (Rye, Vodka, White Rum, Tequila, etc) mixed with a soft drink or juice. Can be doubled or Tripled.
Cheap Highballs can include: Rye&Coke, Rum&Coke, Screwdriver, Vodke Slim, etc..
by Klautt July 18, 2005
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a drink: whiskey mixed with ginger ale
getting drunk off highballs is easy because it just tastes like ginger ale, so you're basically just drinking a lot of soda
by (high)ballin August 29, 2008
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A game originated in a neighborhood in the great northeast of philadelphia (Morrell Park). Created by a small group of morrell park hooligans. The small group of friends never let anyone know the exact rules of the game. All that is know is that a water bottle is thrown around after the kids smoke marijuana.
by Urban dictionary forum February 04, 2013
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To take the absolute greatest estimate of something
Boss: How long will it take you to do this
Guy: Well, to high ball it, I'd say about 2 hours
by Threads_Of_Fate August 13, 2012
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An undescended testicle. Usually a birth defect, due to weak man-chemicals. But sometimes the result of a well-placed kick.
The bar slut asked me, "What's your favorite high ball?" And I replied, "I just have the one."

I was upset when my wife accused me of staying out all night sucking down high balls.
by Gandy Bird July 16, 2012
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1. Railroad slang for a green light or permission to proceed. Go = highball
2. verb: to put whichever testicle hangs higher into the vagina during intercourse while leaving the lower one out.

3. verb: to overtake someone in a hallway whether they are stopped or moving.
1. Engineer: the light is green. Conductor: Highball!
2. Man I totally highballed with my girlfriend last night.
3. Dude I was just walking to my office and that gay guy highballed me. It was pretty tight in there too, I think he just wanted some action.
by Jo mamma's *** September 24, 2009
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