Etymology: Believed to be of Australian origin, describing a grunt of exertion, or perhaps a modification of "heave".

Transitive verb: "to hiff (something)":
1. To throw (something) in a cumbersome manner, often something heavy or uncooperative.
2. To dispose of something, often something that has exceeded its usefulness.

Rarely used intransitively, such as in "Dave hiffs".
"Peter hiffed the bale of hay at the cows."

"Sharon hiffed the broken toaster."
by algofoogle March 15, 2005
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It is a sound that means nothing at all. Or it is another word for nothing!
Person 1: What the hell are you doing!

Person 2: Hiff Hiff

Perdon 1 What the hell did you say?

Person 2: Hiff Hiff! It means nothing at all!
by skykat January 26, 2005
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The term used by hamsters to indicate that they are smelling something.
It was originally used in the anime, Hamtaro.
by Famtaro April 9, 2018
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The sound a particularly uncouth and socially oblivious coworker with chronic sinus issues will make while what appears to be simultaneously hocking a lugey while sniffing the drainage
If you Hiff one more time I'll shove this box of tissue up your nose
by Schoolboy January 3, 2014
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the swamp smell located in your hips to your upper back. it smells SO FUCKING PUTRID I WANT TO DIE PLEASE DELETE MY HIFF-WIFF OR ILL SUCK U STIFF! thank you.
a friend asked me how to use hiff-wiff in a sentence.
i hope i don't have hiff-wiff.
by a good wiff December 14, 2017
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A slur spisificly used to against those who like being edged while pegged
"I heard he likes to be edged and pegged"

"Yeah Jacob is a real Hiff Canger"
by 10_Artemis_01 March 12, 2023
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