"Hideki" is formal Japanese slur used in the late 1800s, it described a gay, homosexual man. "Hideki" can have other meanings as well. If a child was named Hideki, it would mean Bad luck and low intelligence, otherwise known as retard.
You're such a Hideki, or, Hideki was sent to prison after killing his bunnies
by AmYyYYy eUNG November 18, 2019
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Hideki Naganuma is a music artist and composer of the Jet Set Radio series. Instead of being known for his musical talents, he's now known for saying incomprehensible combinations of memes on Twitter that he learned from us. His common vocabulary includes Among us, big chungus, having sexual intercourse with your mother, sus, and family guy.
Person 1: Hey did you see that new Hideki Naganuma tweet?
Person 2: Yeah, what the fuck does he mean by the chungus amongus strongus?
Person 1: I think we made him go crazy.
Person 2: Remember when he was known for music?
Person 1: Yeah.
by March 18, 2021
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one of the most soft-spoken and greatest players in baseball today. chose his team in america wisely and absolutely owns the boston red sox.
matsui hit another home run today....and manny ramirez struck out for the fourth time today.
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a Japanese player on the New York Yankees who's only good for hitting. came to America only because he was influenced by both Steinbrenner and his former team, the Yomiuri Giants. nickname Godzilla, partly because his face resembles the character.
Matsui is nothing. He's not even tenth the player Ichiro is.
by KRHimself October 25, 2004
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Hideki Mitori is a gay, homosexual , middle aged man. Men who are named Hideki are usually nosy and doesn't mind his business because he is a dickwad. He pushes people to move forward but won't dare "test the waters".
Hideki Mitori plays fortnite so he's gay
by AmYyYYy eUNG November 18, 2019
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