popular child hood game. sometimes popular among young adults that are not to cool for it. involves a bunch of people hiding and one person seeking them all out. whoever the first person is then in turn the seeker in the next game. not a good game to play outdoors in flip flops, results in nasty walmart feet :(
kid one: lets go do something interactive...

kid two: lets go play hide and go seek!!!

kid one: hells freakin yess!!!!!!
by a.rod August 8, 2008
let's go play hide-n-go-seek
애들아 우리 숨바꼭질 하자.
by 파도 January 19, 2014
Osama Bin Laden, hide and go seek champion:2001-2010
A terrorist was the hide and go seek champion for nine years!
by Qitms2 November 13, 2013
Global hide-and-go-seek is the pastime of the rich and hunted. This large and expensive game consists of one country/faction/group/key-person hiding somewhere in the world (the middle-east is a favoured hideout) and the other country/faction/group/key-person attempting to find them. Rules:
1. Innocent civilians must be killed
2. The Bush administration must be in some way involved
3. Players may not tell anyone that they are playing
4. If found you’re on your own

The Winners:
Elvis Presley
Jesus Christ
That guy who was on the news raping a cushion
Osama Bin Laden

The Losers:
Saddam Hussein
Dick Turpin
Adolf Hitler

1.Do not hide in a hole
2.Do not use your real name
3.Do not trust your fellow Aryans

People son to begin playing:
George Bush, Jr
The entire staff of Guantanimo Bay
Jesus, Indian

Osama bin Laden is the current winner of Global hide-and-go-seek.

by Hans Brix May 26, 2006
Fucking a chick in your position of choice with a condom in her apartment/house. The additive to this is that you then find out that she actually lives with her boyfriend who is currently out of town, so you intentionally leave the condom and/or it’s wrapper on his side of the bed or amongst his belongings so that he finds it when he comes back and leaves her lyin bitch ass
Did you hook up with that chick Er nah?

“Yeah I did bro, had to pull a hide and go seek though”

Oh fuck. What a cheating bitch.
by TheAlwaysCorrect1 December 19, 2021
Whenever you are the hider in "hide and go seek" and as soon as you get settled in your hiding spot you realize how badly you have to piss.

Often happens in various stealth games, during important meetings, or when taking exams.
"Man I had a great spot but I realized I had some hide and go seek syndrome so I took one for the team to go wizz"
by Segment62 June 29, 2017