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Global hide-and-go-seek is the pastime of the rich and hunted. This large and expensive game consists of one country/faction/group/key-person hiding somewhere in the world (the middle-east is a favoured hideout) and the other country/faction/group/key-person attempting to find them. Rules:
1. Innocent civilians must be killed
2. The Bush administration must be in some way involved
3. Players may not tell anyone that they are playing
4. If found you’re on your own

The Winners:
Elvis Presley
Jesus Christ
That guy who was on the news raping a cushion
Osama Bin Laden

The Losers:
Saddam Hussein
Dick Turpin
Adolf Hitler

1.Do not hide in a hole
2.Do not use your real name
3.Do not trust your fellow Aryans

People son to begin playing:
George Bush, Jr
The entire staff of Guantanimo Bay
Jesus, Indian

Osama bin Laden is the current winner of Global hide-and-go-seek.

by Hans Brix May 26, 2006
1:The part of its body a bacteria uses to move
2:The few long strands of hair left behind when your hair is cut by a trainee hairdresser or a family member.These rogue hairs resemble the flagellum of a bacteria. Must be in a clump with several hairs. Most prominent when combined with a bowl cut.These hairs should be tugged when the flagellum wearer is least expecting it. Found on guys and shaven headed lesbians.
Example 1:What interesting flagellum on that paramecium
Example 2:
Harry: hey guys!
Oliver,Matt and Nathan:so your sister renewed your bowl cut
Harry: yeh...
Oliver,Matt and Nathan:wats that on tha back of your head?
Harry:cant see..
Oliver,Matt and Nathan: AHHH!! ITS FLAGELLUM!!!!
**tug Flagellum**
by Hans Brix May 17, 2006
A fluid of varying colour and viscosity, from brown and chunky to green and runny. This fluid is excreted from the areola when the nipple is squeezed. Beware! if "hormonal lubricant" is built up it can become projectile and has a nasty habit of getting in the eyes of innocent bystanders.It is important that you test your self for this malady. The next time your in the shower grab hold of the area around your nipple and squeeze, directing pressure towards the areola(not applicable if you are pregnant or a cow). If you test positive for HLM ("hormonal lubricant" malady) seek professional help right away.
Harry: Ohh look my nipples are all ridgy, i'll squeeze them...
The Guys: why?
Harry: I can make "hormonal lubricant" come out!
**Squeezes nipples HLM comes out, sprays crowd**
Everyone else: Ewwwww thats vomitastic
by Hans Brix May 17, 2006