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Hidan is member of Akatsuki,from the anime/manga Naruto, he is partnered to Kakuzu.He wears the akatsuki cloak open showing his chest and carries a three bladed scythe.The scuthe is used to draw blood from the opponent,he then drinks the blood and their bodies become linked so that if hidan stabs himself through the leg there will be the exact same wound on his opponent.Kakuzu and Hidan dislike each other very much their stuck together because Kakuzu has a very short temper and always kill his partners, but this is impossible with Hidan because he is immortal.He even manages to survive having his head cut off by Asuma.
Hidan worships a god by the name of Jashin, therefor after every battle he performs a long and painful ceremony during which he lies on the ground and stabs himself repetedly.
His motto or rather his god's motto is 'anything less than destruction is a sin'.
Hidan is very foul mouthed, and shows a very strong dislike and disrespect to their leader,Pein,and to anyone else for that matter.
Kakuzu:let's go!
Hidan:hmmm before we go I have to pray the gods.
Kakuzu:you're always such a pain in the ass!
by seph0 January 11, 2008
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