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1: A butt-kinkin' character of of Naruto, and is partner to Hidan.
2. He can use tentecles to strangle, mame, rip things into pieces, and otherwise hurt very very very badly. Dude, like really bady. He's deadly.
3: He is known for being able to sew body parts back to where they belong.
4: He is kind of immortal, by having five hearts, and to kill him, you must kill ALL of the hearts. Seriously. Weird, right?
(In a bathroom)
Kakuzu : Okay, here's the trading post.
Hidan: Why is it in a freakin' bathroom?
Kakuzu: Don't ask me. Just come.
Hidan: I don't know if it's the bathroom of that body, the smell is freakin' gross!
Kakuzu: Shut up and come on!
by Siyui-no Akatsuki December 22, 2008
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