I slip of the tongue or mistake while speaking or writing (a 'hiccup') that inadvertently makes you sound like a hick.
"I was just buying some groceries for my lover...I mean mother!!"
"Duuuuuude, what a hickup!"
by go_rators September 5, 2013
A kind of truck that is driven by only the most prestigous of hicks. Comes with Rebel Flag, a 4 foot noose, and a car horn that honks to the tune of "Dixie".
White Guy:Damn, did you see that Hickup?
Black Guy: What?
White Guy: I said- wait, where'd you go?
by Semper Decus February 9, 2010
Any light truck exhibiting one or more of the following:
Any part or all of a rebel flag.
Bumper stickers mentioning guns, fishin', or hound dogs.
Decals depicting anyone pissing on anything.
"Now there's a hickup truck, complete with Yosemite Sam mud flaps."
by Cosmo Polaski August 11, 2006
yodeling is an excellent breathing exercise used to help control an orgasm of a guy so he lasts longer. so when a guy is doing a women in the v-hole while yodeling and then accidentally puts it in her butt unexpectedly her orgasm moans turn into a spontaneous hickup often caused by deep inhales and exhales.
Guy "So I was doing my girlfriend last night and I was yodeling and she was hickuping, I just really thought I was in a very strange Swedish porn video. Can you give me any advise?

Psychiatrist "Yes. Your a yodeling hickup fucker."

When I left the room after experiencing anunusual sex incident with the wife, I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror and said "Your a Yodeling Hickup Fucker."
by bobsagnuts October 1, 2009
The worst insult you can give to a girl that has given you the worst head ever.
You give head so bad youre like a cross-eyed snagglepuss with hickups!
by Daniel March 23, 2005
1. a way to cut someone off in the middle of a lie.
2. if you're eatting dicks until you get sick, you cant talk, and if you cant talk you cant lie.
KB said, man do you know how much money i got in the bank?

SBF said, yo man, eat a dick up til you hickup.
by Big Stone December 24, 2005