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1. A greeting based on the greeting, "hello." Heyo is meant to be a more positive alternative to the monotonal "hello" and simple "hi", optimally used when said in exclamation but not necessarily since the greeting still implies this when said in a normal tone.
NOTE: Heyo when used in this manner is NOT meant to be a combination of the greetings, "hey" and "yo".
Jon: Heyo :D
Nick: Hey, what's up :D?
by darkdax July 11, 2011
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Heyo a DISCORD black hat hacker clan that TokenLogs , Nukes and Wizz servers and accounts in the community.
boy: Yo did you hear about heyo nuking that persons account they deleted everything.
female: No who are heyo?
boy: Heyo are the best hackers in discord don't mess with them.
by DiscordModerator December 25, 2020
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Something said after a conversational phrase that could be interpreted as a sexual reference is said.
John: "Dude, did you do the Bio assignment?"
Mark: "Yes. That was so hard, it kept me up all night!"
John: "Hey-O!"
by atxlonestar21 September 08, 2009
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Well I do use this word all the time. It's another form of saying hello! Or hello and yo mixed together.
"Heyo Ziplock, let's own this stupid noobs."
by Namlhof December 06, 2003
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