1. A greeting based on the greeting, "hello." Heyo is meant to be a more positive alternative to the monotonal "hello" and simple "hi", optimally used when said in exclamation but not necessarily since the greeting still implies this when said in a normal tone.
NOTE: Heyo when used in this manner is NOT meant to be a combination of the greetings, "hey" and "yo".
Jon: Heyo :D
Nick: Hey, what's up :D?
by darkdax July 12, 2011
hey + yo or you = heyo
by psht September 11, 2003
The bastard child of hey and hello also used as a greeting
by Payton R. January 22, 2009
A word that is a mix of "Hello" and "yo". Mainly used as an ordinary greeting for friends.
Anne: Hey.
George: Heyo!

hey hello yo
by x666ThEDeViL666x April 3, 2009
Can be used either as a greeting or a statement of surprise. Often Paired with the phrase "there he is"
"Heyo! There he is! We've been waiting on you, Bigglesworth."
by Georgie Porgie September 9, 2005