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stupid iraqi, has no friends, smells bad, h/u with nicole popivitski
by ag February 10, 2003
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that's not a big bear, that's judav
by ag December 09, 2004
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Originated in the uk sometime within the last 10-15 years.

Meaning: An abnormally hairy snatch
Man did you see that chicks pantie hampster?
by ag April 05, 2005
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the biggest jackass known to man. has to have at least 7 STD's from tara. heavily medicates himself (but nothing will treat that ugliness)
jane, he is such a philly d #2. You should stay as far away from him as possible if you wanna avoid getting crabs
by ag October 30, 2004
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A bizarre form of mental aerobic exercise in which one strives towards the essentially divine goal of completely forcing oneself up ones own sphincter using only the power of the mind.
Recently a philosophy grad student from Stamford actually managed to bury all of his head, one arm (to the elbow) and a bit of his other shoulder up his own anus. This unusual incident occured when he was teaching Existentialism to young folk and was designed to demonstrate that a)existence is only perception and b)he had a big anus. Unfortunately he choked before he had managed to extricate himself and thus kinda proved himself wrong on both counts.
by ag February 09, 2005
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