the hev suit in half-life
hev stands for hazardous enviroment
welcome to the hev mark 4, protective system, for use in hazardous enviroment conditions, have a very safe and productive day
by stupid gamer January 15, 2019
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if u see this, shes the one for u dont lose her
hev is 1 of a kind xxxxxxxxxxxx
by female fuckboy July 23, 2021
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she's everything i ever want and i love her soooo much
look its hev (swoon) xxxxxxxxx
by kitten November 16, 2004
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if u really like something.. or somethings really nice.
Eg 1,
Person 1: Aww have ya tried these chocolates?
Person 2: aww yh man ther HEV

Eg 2,
Person 1: Hav ya seen tha nu kswiss trainaz?
Person 2: Yh ma mum sed am gettin em! propa hev them!

Eg 3,
Person 1: fuck me i saw this well hev girl yestday!
Person 2: yh i saw her 2.. she wuz HEVAN
by Caella<3 April 9, 2006
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Hev is the most amazing person you will ever meet, she is drop dead gorgeous and stunning. She will cheer you up if you are sad and will always be by your side you will be lucky to have Hev in your life.
by Hev is the best February 6, 2020
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