(adjective) Typically used in the jam band subculture (those who follow bands like Phish or Widespread Panic) to describe a modern-day hippie. A hetty chick will wear hemp sandals, no bra, have dreadlocks, and still manage to be sexy.
Let's get to the music festival and hit on some hetty chicks.
by Jeff L. March 23, 2007
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this town is so hetty we should be able to score some totally dank nuglets
by vwhitey September 25, 2007
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noun, adjective

sometimes used in the gay community to describe breeders (see: heterosexual) while doing something stereotypically heterosexual - man acting masculine, girl overly flirtatious with a male.

Jamie: "There are so many hetty's coming to the club tonight"
Jordan: "Dammit, I can never tell with some of them"

" I hope I don't hit on a hetty when I get drunk"

"Man, you are such a hetty... gosh."

I wish that hetty would stop hitting on my girlfriend.... doesn't he know shes a lesbian?
by Elisabethe November 14, 2006
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short for hetrosexual or straight.
Used by angry gays like me to confuse straight guys. Hetty usualy depicts 'stupid straight guy'
Damn he is hot, he is hetty though.. Fucking hetties with eat anything that smells like fish!
by richard reeves October 4, 2004
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*a horse like person who slags of tea pot hats, managing to be attractive whilst being a animal.
Reiss: Look at her!
Holly: That is one mighty fine hetty!
by Hetty! April 19, 2005
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This is usually commonly used against our Burberry-loving friends, the typicalchav. Basically, it's when a fourteen-year-old chav thinks he's a pimp because he's had 6 twelve-year-old schoolkids because he can't get any action anywhere else. Instead of the word, 'pimp', we replace it with 'hetty'.

Can also translate into, 'stupid pikey prick'.
Maison: Oi Lee, i got me sum pusseh last nite boyacasha!
Lee: Ah me bredwin ya fuck Kerry from Maccy D's nigga?
Maison: Nah m8 nah, her 4 lil' sistaz man innit! Ai!
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(adjective) Often used in the modern day festival and jam band subculture to describe something or someone that is woke, spiritually aware, or of a superior quality. Could also be used to describe a modern day hippie.
"These nugs are super hetti man."

"Did anyone bring some hetti beers? I'm tired of these Coors Lights."

"That chick is hetti dude, she does yoga and wears birks."
by JuanMirrion December 26, 2018
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