2 definitions by themonster

someone who is just naturally good at killing, fighting, inflicting harm. not with any weapons except maybe a knife or close range blade/ club weapon. using firearms does NOT make you a natural born killer.

also, Carlos Condit's nickname.
damn man, i think you really fucked that kid up bad....

" i cant help it, im a natural born killer"
by themonster May 27, 2009
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1.an expression for when you, or someone else doesnt follow through with a plan/opportunity.

the social equivalent of a stutter-step.

2.can also be used to describe the failure of others
1. damn it man, you had it! what happened with that chick?
"idk dude....hesitated"

its all good man, here comes another

- what do you think happened to him?

response: (shaking head with disapproval) "hesitated"
2. shiiiit did you see that? he's got no game at all!!

"hahahaha man he's a bitch. hesitated"
by themonster May 27, 2009
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