Beautiful women with a big ass. No camal toe. Likes to dance and steals people mans
be careful.. hershy is the best
by lmaoaoaoaoaooaoaoao February 17, 2017
Hershy Highway means Anal Sex. PERIOD!
She is a keeper for sure. I got me some Hershy Highway from her! She is a keeper.
by Doug Hightower September 3, 2005
"man! you did a hershy squirt!"
by moo December 14, 2003
Just another word for Diareha
Oh man keep the door closed Matt had the Hershy Squirts
by Anden 3000 September 11, 2007
The rear end of a person. Often used in gay language.
"I bet that micheal ryder takes it up the hershy highway"

"If teh river flows red, take the Hershy highway"
by Samuel Wilson June 17, 2004
When you are going down on a girl, and right before she is about to orgasm, you stick your tongue in her A*hole (deep enough your lips touch), then jump up and french kiss her before she knows what's going on....
If timing is right, she should still have her eyes closed, and be unsuspecting!
I heard a girl scream from my roomate's bedroom... he told me he was gonna give his girlfriend a Hershy Kiss for Valentine's Day!
by Dain Bramage 667 September 29, 2011