1. When someone shows any visible signs of could be an STD; what you say to the person and their family to make them feel worse and to engender laughter from their friends.

2. The extremely contagious green fire that surrounds players and bots when tagged while playing "virus" game mode in Time Splitters 2.
1."Oooooh, look at that nigga mouth. He got Herp-aids!"

2. Keep that stupid fucking monkey away from me. I will blow that shit the fuck up, I do not want Herp-Aids
by donkeypuncher23456 December 05, 2008
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A cluster of herpes which have been infected with HIV/AIDS.
AH! I'm gonna die from AIDS because a herpaid just bit me!
by Lauren April 04, 2005
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get u and ur herpaids away from me

wtf, i just found out my herpes has aids!

my bf has herpes and they are crawling with aids.
by amber April 01, 2005
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